Our community connections can be seen in every element of our hearty stew

I’ve always said that good community connections are key ingredients for success of any project. In the stew that is the Nelson Civic Theatre project, this includes the meat (hard work), potatoes (fundraising), veggies (creative ideas), and spices (fun, laughter and occasional hijinks). Community — well, that’s the savoury broth that brings it all together.

Our community connections can be seen in every element of our hearty stew, from the businesses that contribute through donations and fundraisers to individuals who roll up their sleeves both figuratively and literally. It includes brainstorming sessions for crazy dress-up fundraisers, and it includes community use of the space for other great projects, causes, and initiatives.

Next on the menu is the film Ingredients, a joint fundraiser for Seeds (Seniors Economic Environment Development Society) and the Nelson Food Cupboard Society, on Monday, May 5 at 7 p.m. The film documents the local food and agriculture movement through the stories of the people who embrace it. There will be a raffle, silent auction, membership opportunities and, I imagine, a whole bunch of connecting.

I’ll always seize an opportunity for a running metaphor, so thanks to these two great organizations for that, and for doing what they do.

This event joins a grocery list of other community uses, including fundraising films, film festivals, memorial services, musical performances, a PAC meeting, and the Local Intelligence Gathering.

Organizations that have jumped into the Civic stewpot include Touchstones Nelson, Deconstructing Dinner, L.V. Rogers and Self Design high schools, Grans to Grans, West Kootenay Eco-Society, Nelson Youth Theatre and the Lions Club, among others.

For the most part, community use of the space is restricted to daytimes and to Monday and Wednesday evenings, with the exception of a film festival that might book an entire weekend, preempting the regular screening schedule altogether.

That’s because film distributors require a guarantee of continuous screenings, even for late first run films. Basically, if we don’t comply, we can’t get the film.

Turnouts at community events suggest that Nelson folks are happy participators any time, but it would be nice to be more flexible.

Since the doors reopened more than a year ago, you could say that the Nelson Civic Theatre has become a fine, bubbling pot of community connections. Yet the great demonstration of appetite for use of the space affirms that a bigger pot is needed.

When we can renovate into three theatres, well, the pot bubbles over so to speak. Then, we can screen a popular film in one theatre as part of Civic Theatre programming, a community film or lecture in another, and a birthday or retirement party in a third, for example.

Essentially, the scope for community connections triples.

For now, we’re juggling schedules to manage requests and we’re in the process of striking a new Community Outreach Committee to better engage and connect. We’re fundraising for concession improvements as we’re helping others fundraise for their own projects through the use of this connection-oriented community theatre.

We’re adding new, different ingredients all the time, and everyone’s stirring the pot. There’s no such thing as too many cooks in this kitchen. Because really, it takes a village to raise a really excellent meal, with enough for everyone to have seconds.

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New DVD Blu-ray: ‘Philomena,’ ‘Ride Along,’ ‘The Nut Job’

Moviefone’s Top DVD of the Week
What’s It About? Judi Dench stars as an Irish woman who wants to find the son she gave birth to as a teen sent to live in a convent; Steve Coogan co-stars as the posh journalist who wants to write a story about her journey.
Why We’re IN: Based on a true story about Philomena Lee’s travels to find her long-lost son, this is a sweet drama with moments of levity, thanks to the chemistry between Coogan and Dench.

Moviefone’s Top Blu-ray of the Week
“Breaking the Waves”
What’s It About? Ah, yes. Another tale by Lars von Trier about tormented love, sex, and religion! Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson play newlyweds who are forced into some rather extreme circumstances after he’s paralyzed while working on an oil rig.
Why We’re IN: This tragic tale gets the full Criterion treatment, including select audio commentary from the bad boy LvT himself.

New on DVD & Blu-ray
“Better Living Through Chemistry”
What’s It About? Sam Rockwell plays a straight-laced (and married) pharmacist named Dough who gets tangled up with a pill-popping housewife (Olivia Wilde). Just how far will he go to keep the drugs and sex coming?
IN or OUT: What, you don’t want to watch a comedy about a pharmacist supplying drugs to (and having sex with) a lonely, addicted housewife? It’s okay; you’re not alone.

“Black Nativity”
What’s It About? Kasi Lemmons returns to the director’s chair for this adaptation of Langston Hughes’ Christmas story set in NYC. Starring Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese Gibson, and Jennifer Hudson, with a special appearance by Mary J. Blige.
IN or OUT: This Christmas story sort of fell through the cracks. If you like religious stories and/or great singing, check it out.

“Date and Switch”
What’s It About? Matty (Hunter Cope) and Michael (Nicholas Braun) pinky swear to lose their virginities before prom, but Michael’s thrown for a loop when Matty comes out. Co-stars Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, and Gary Cole.
IN or OUT: This disappeared into the ether, so it’s hard to say. However, it did get good reviews from several major outlets, so your mileage may vary.

“Great Expectations” (2013)
What’s It About? The Dickens classic about poor orphaned Pip and gorgeous Estella gets a fancy makeover from director Mike Newell. Starring Jeremy Irvine, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, and Holliday Grainger.
IN or OUT: Despite the fancy credits (including an adaptation by “One Day” author David Nicholls) and cool cast, there’s almost no evidence that this came out in the US. It looks like BBC fans will enjoy it. Check it out and let us know, would you?

“The Nut Job”
What’s It About? Will Arnett voices Surly the squirrel, a conniving little fella who’s planning to rob a nut store with help from a rat named Buddy. Things get a little… nutty when they discover the human who own the nut store are up to no good. Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, and Katherine Heigl also loan their voices for this strange family film.
“Ride Along”
What’s It About? Ice Cube plays a cop who decides to put his future brother-in-law (Kevin Hart) to the test by taking him out for a day on the beat. This buddy cop movie crime comedy made eleventy-billion dollars and is already getting a sequel.
IN or OUT: If you like Kevin Hart, you probably can’t go wrong.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
What’s It About? Ben Stiller directed and stars in this labor of love about a worker bee who dreams of adventure and love and awesomeness. Kristen Wiig co-stars as his love interest.
IN or OUT: What once seemed like a sure-fire Oscar nominee got reamed for being sappy and/or full of product placement. It had its defenders, though.

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Metro investigates burned body found in LV backyard

Homicide detectives are investigating a burned body found late Tuesday afternoon in the backyard of a western Las Vegas Valley home, according to Metro Police.

The body was discovered after firefighters responded to a report of a house fire near Rainbow Boulevard and Washington Avenue, said Las Vegas Fire & Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski. While en route, firefighters were told that only the victim was on fire — not the home — and that the fire had been extinguished. Metro then took over the investigation.
Stronger than expected earnings from two giant consumer products companies, Coca-Cola ( KO ) and Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ), lifted the Dow to modest gains during a volatile trading session Tuesday. The Dow Industrials ( ^DJI ) gained 89 points, the S&P 500 ( ^GPSC ) rose 12 points, and the Nasdaq ( ^IXIC ) added 11 points. Shares of Coke jumped nearly 4 percent. Global soda sales fell for the first time in a decade, but that was more than offset by strong sales on non-carbonated drinks. The U.S. market now accounts for less than 20 percent of total sales. Johnson & Johnson gained 2 percent. Its net topped expectations and the company raised its outlook for the year. The Nasdaq went on a wild ride Tuesday. It had been down nearly 2 percent before turning around in the afternoon. Electric carmaker Tesla ( TSLA ) fell 2 percent.

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LVMH luxury goods group, with annual sales of 29.1 billion euros 2013

The world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH recently released 2013 annual results briefing : sales of 29.1 billion euros , an increase of 4 % compared to 2012 , organic growth ( at constant exchange rates and comparable company structure ) of 8% ; 2013 Section Group sales rose 2.4% in the fourth quarter , better than the 1.7% in the third quarter ; profit from continuing operations reached € 6.021 billion , and was especially strong in 2012 compared to growth of 2% is still – operating margin 21% ; Group net profit 3.436 billion euros , essentially flat with 2012 ; Asia and the United States maintained good momentum in Europe to maintain the growth momentum ; Free cash flow grew 20 % to reach € 3 billion ; as of the end of December 2013 , the gearing ratio less than 20% .
Performance of outstanding wines and spirits sector , in 2013 organic growth of 6 %, but worse than the fourth quarter of the third quarter. Full-year operating profit growth of 9 %. Asia, the U.S. market was strong, Europe is not the economy . Focus on high-end products , strict pricing policy and maintain the vitality of innovation strategy effective, Champagne , sparkling wine and red wine performance stable solid , Hennessy cognac market driven mainly by the United States ( by contrast, rely on the Chinese market, the company Remy Martin Cognac The results fell sharply last year ) .

Fashion and leather goods division in 2013 organic growth of 5 % in the fourth quarter was better than the third quarter. But the annual operating profit fell 4%. Louis Vuitton profitability remains excellent , launched last year, ultra-high -quality leather Capucines and W bag were a great success , women’s department ushered in a new term artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière; Fendi continue to focus on high-end products and selectively expand sales channels ; report special mention , Céline outstanding performance , sales hit a new high .

Beauty perfume sector performance is better than the market average , annual organic growth of 7 % in the fourth quarter, better than the third quarter. Full-year operating profit growth of 2 %. Which , Make Up For Ever and Fresh in Asia are strong.

Watches & Jewellery brand department full year organic growth of 4 % in the fourth quarter, better than the third quarter. Full-year operating profit surge 12% year on year – outlets outstanding performance, multi- brand retailers more prudent choice . Bulgari snake series success.

Specialized retail sector all year organic growth of 17 %, but worse than the fourth quarter of the third quarter. Full-year operating profit grew 6%. DFS Galleria in Hong Kong, Macau, good performance , but the impact of the depreciation of the yen ‘s purchasing power of Japanese tourists , so the results of the damaged shops in Hawaii . Beauty chain Sephora will continue to improve its market share in each region , online sales grow well.

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Chinesische Luxusverbrauchermarktin der Ruhe

Schweizer Richemont ( Richemont ) Gruppe vor kurzem angekündigt, die im dritten Quartal 2013 ( Oktober bis Dezember) Umsatzentwicklung stieg der Umsatz nur 280 bis 2.940 Millionen Euro Umsatz des Konzerns in Asien-Pazifik um 6 % gegenüber dem erwarteten 8 % niedriger. Und China ist die einzige Einnahmequelle in der Region fallenden Markt .

In der Tat, wie schon zu Beginn des Jahres 2013 eröffnet , LVMH Louis Vuitton Group, sagte, es wird vollständig unterdrücken die Expansion der Marke, nicht weiterhin in der zweiten und dritten Ebene Städte in China einkaufen. Cayenne Group ( kering ) und Richemont auch gesagt, es würde sich die Expansion des chinesischen Marktes verlangsamen. LV Flagship-Store ist offen und nehmen die zweite und dritte Stufe Städte in der Inneren Mongolei , begann Chinas Kern Einzelhandel Gucci , um die Front schrumpfen.
In den letzten Jahren , obwohl die Weltwirtschaft erlitt keine kleinen Schwankungen , aber immer noch ein Luxus -Markengruppe in China hat erfreuliche Ergebnisse . Laut Bain Daten zeigen, dass von 2008 bis 2012 , Chinas Gesamtverbrauch von Luxusgütern , ” CAGR ” erreicht 27%. Aber im Jahr 2013 die Wachstumsrate wird voraussichtlich auf nur 2% fallen nach unten.

Diese Daten dagegen einmal mehr bewiesen , dass der Luxus -Markt in China wird allmählich kalt, und dieser Trend wird sich bis 2014 fortsetzen.

Bain -Umfrage von 20 , die an den globalen Luxusmarken Statistiken zeigen, dass die Zahl der neuen Filialen in den chinesischen Markt hat sich von etwa 150 im Jahr 2012 auf etwa 100 im Jahr 2013 gesunken , was einem Rückgang von ca. 1/3.

Natürlich ist der chinesische Markt immer noch die Luxusgüter-Gruppe für den Wettbewerb ” großen Kuchen “. Ein Bericht von der Fortune Character Institut freigegeben wird, wird 2013 Chinesen Gesamtverbrauch von Luxusgütern $ erreichen , von denen $ 28000000000 inländischen Verbrauch, während die aktuelle Kapazität des globalen Luxusmarkt $ .

Experten klingen

UTA Fashion Management Group President Yang Dajun :

In den letzten Jahren mit dem schnellen Wachstum der gewerblichen Immobilien Einkaufszentrum, ist mehrere Luxus- Filialen in China wächst auch schnell , aber die Wachstumsrate etwas übertrieben , was in einigen Luxusmarken erscheinen Popularität Krise. Dies ist eigentlich ein Luxus- Betreiber haben , dass realisiert wird, so wird es einige Verlangsamung des Wachstums ihres Handelns sein .

Dean Zhou Ting Reichtum Quality Institute :

Seit 2013 wird die Wachstumsrate der allgemeinen Verlangsamung in den Luxus-Markt , einige Menschen mit der Spitze großer Wachstums vertraut fiel besonders schwer. Chinas Markt für Luxusgüter wird Geschäftemacherei schief, die Zukunft der internationalen große Rabatte werden mehr normalisierten Markt ZwangsluxusmarkeKörperhaltungen, um eine angemessene Rendite Preisen.

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LV Modeblogger fordern hyun rot gestreiften Umhang Wer Live- Halten

louis vuitton handbags online
Jun Ji -hyun Song von den Tausenden im Irak gespielt glauben, wie modische ” Sie kommen aus der Sterne -Fans bereits wissen , der aktuelle Zustrom von Menschen in Frage zu stellen , LV zwei Menschen tragen roten Umhang hat ein anderes Gefühl , das größer ist die Gasfeld wer? Wer glaubst du gerne tragen ?
Jun Ji -hyun Song von den Tausenden in den Irak als Mode-Ikone, Verschleiß spielte kann nicht schlimmer sein , mit Gianna Juni eigenen Körper , nicht tragen Steckdose Feld immun, spielen tausend irakische Chung tragen diese Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton ) 2013 Frühherbst rot gestreiften Mantel Abteilung der Klasse , um einen Arzt zu sehen, ist scheinbar zufälligen unordentliche Haare sehr gut geeignet , um in zu bringen und einen Mantel über dem atmosphärischen Bereich haben goldene Ringe ein Punkt des Auges zu werden, die Gesamtform der Atmosphäre ohne Übertreibung , zu Ärzten zu sehen Kleid ist so schön, es ist wirklich eine Blinddarmentzündung bekam eine gute Make-up vor dem Ausgehen für die nationale Schauspielerin ah!
Die berühmte italienische Mode- Bloggerin Chiara Ferragni in einer Straße Fotograf das Objektiv getarnt , engen schwarzen Hosenbein angemessener hebt den Umhang , rot und schwarz Kombination ist perfekt , goldenen Locken lassen Mantel steigt niedlich Atmosphäre , mit einer Mini- Tasche, stürzte sich lebhaften Atmosphäre.

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